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Ask the Expert: What does Wedding Photography Include? | Wedding Photographer Kansas City

There are many decisions to make when you are planning your wedding, one of which is choosing your wedding photographer and wedding photography package. With that in mind, I’m kicking off my new series, “Ask the Expert,” by answering a question many engaged couples find themselves asking at one point or another:

What Does Wedding Photography Include?

This is a great question, and while the answer will vary from one photographer and one wedding photography package to the next, as your favorite Kansas City Wedding Photographer Expert, I have put together a list covering all the basics for you. (***While this list encompasses what is often included in Kansas City Wedding Photography packages, please talk to your individual wedding photographer and ask them what they include in the wedding package you opted to purchase.)

Bride and groom kiss in the middle of the street in Kansas City Power and Light District. © Merry Ohler Creative, 2019. Photo by Merry Ohler, who is the best wedding photographer in Kansas City.

The actual hours of photography coverage on your wedding day.

Individual wedding packages will vary based on the hours of coverage you select in your personal, tailored package, but most wedding photography packages include around 8 consecutive hours of wedding day photography coverage.

Every wedding and couple are different, so it may be that you only want coverage of your actual ceremony and reception, or it could be that you would like photos of everything, from hair and makeup early that morning, to the final dance and grand exit, complete with sparkler farewell. Some couples celebrate their wedding with a full weekend! If this is the case, you may want photography coverage for all three days. You will work with your wedding photographer to determine how much coverage you need, but know that most couples find that 8-10 hours of coverage is sufficient.

Groomsmen exclaim over the bride’s ring.© Merry Ohler Creative, 2019. Photo by Merry Ohler, Wedding Photographer Kansas City.

Editing of your final images.

Professional wedding photographers will edit your final images for white balance, color correction and density, and any additional edits that are in line with their style. 

Professional photographers also shoot in RAW, rather than jpeg. This gives them more control and capability to work in layers as they edit images, which preserves the quality of the photos during the editing process. That means that your final images must be rendered into jpegs in order for you to order prints and products of your wedding photos.

“Mint to Be” Mint Wedding Party Favors. © Merry Ohler Creative, 2019. Photo by Merry Ohler, Wedding Photographer Kansas City.

An engagement session.

Inclusions vary from one photographer to the next, but when it comes to wedding photographers in Kansas City, the majority of professionals have priced their wedding packages so that they can include an engagement session with the purchase of a wedding photography package.

There are many reasons for this, but the biggest reason is because it is vital that you work with and trust your wedding photographer. By spending time together before the big day, your wedding photographer will be able to build rapport and learn how the two of you interact, as well as how their shooting style fits your couple style. 

Young, attractive couple smile and lean in for a kiss in an open field in Blue Springs. © Merry Ohler Creative, 2019. Photo by Merry Ohler, Wedding Photographer Kansas City.

A second photographer.

Depending on the wedding package you selected, your wedding photography may include a second photographer.

If your package does not include one, consider asking your wedding photographer if you can pay to add a second photographer to the package you chose. A second photographer will provide a second perspective you will want. For example, when you are walking down the aisle, one photographer can only remained trained on one subject at a time. With a second photographer, the perspectives of both the front and back can be documented simultaneously. In addition, two photographers will allow you to get more photos accomplished at one time, with each photographer taking one side of the bridal party at the same time. This will help your whole wedding day flow more smoothly and afford you more time with your guests.

Bride and groom kiss in garden at Webster House in Kansas City. © Merry Ohler Creative, 2019. Photo by Merry Ohler, Wedding Photographer Kansas City.

Advice gained through many years of wedding experience.

Professional wedding photographers are a wealth of information.

They have seen many different styles of weddings, and are familiar with the many options available when it comes to ceremony and reception order, traditional wedding day moments and events, as well as creative ideas to help you make your wedding day unique. They may not be a wedding planner, but if you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask them! The majority of wedding photographers are happy to answer questions and help you make the most of your big day, within reason.

Bride and groom kiss in the rose garden at Loose Park in Kansas City. © Merry Ohler Creative, 2019. Photo by Merry Ohler, Wedding Photographer Kansas City.

A built in “bride buffer.”

This may come as a surprise, but your wedding photographer will have their eyes trained on you for pretty much the whole day. It only stands to reason that they will be one of the first to notice if you are beginning to feel a little stressed.

Your wedding photographer will be quick to notice if you look like you need water, or a breather, or even a little space, and most will be quick to tap your maid of honor and ask her to intervene if it looks like Auntie Helen is hovering a little too close, or if your soon to be mother-in-love is asking a few too many questions. Wedding photographers know their job is much easier when the bride is comfortable and happy, so they will often go above and beyond to achieve a smooth wedding day for all.

Bride embraces her mother before the wedding ceremony. © Merry Ohler Creative, 2019. Photo by Merry Ohler, Wedding Photographer Kansas City.

A friend for life.

As a wedding photographer in Kansas City and expert in all things wedding-related, I speak from years of experience and wisdom when I say that your wedding photographer graduates from hired help to close family friend as they walk you through your wedding day.

There’s a reason we tear up when you dance with your father, and willingly accept the hug you give us as we bid adieu. We have invested our heart, soul and energy into documenting the beginning of your legacy, and it’s impossible to do that without falling a little bit in love with you and your people, ourselves. When you call us to come photograph your family, or your new baby, or any number of major life events, we tear up all over again. Our highest privilege and honor is to be there for all your big and little moments, and when we get to spend decades watching your family grow up and out from behind our lens, we are reminded of how very much we love what we do - and the people we do it for.

All the love,