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Copywriting Services

Letter Copy


You need a sales letter to end all sales letters. Every sentence needs to pull your customer in deeper, funneling them toward the buying decision…but what you have just isn’t working.

I’ve got your back. Stop beating your head against the wall and get back to what you do best while I do the heavy lifting and write a custom sales letter that will serve your customers - and you - for a long time to come.

Website Copy

We’ve all been there. Ready and eager to grow our reach and increase profits, but unable to put a finger on why our website just isn’t yielding the kind of return or sales we want and need.

As a professional copywriter, I can tell you that 9 times out of 10, a website is not delivering because the copy (the actual words people will read on your website) are…boring. But they don’t have to be! I provide professional, engaging and on brand website copy for businesses, individuals and organizations. Let me write website copy for you that connects with your audience and tells your story while drawing them into meaningful interaction, conversations, brand trust and ultimately, sales.

Content Copy

You know you need to blog regularly. But how in the world will you be able to carve out the space and time you need to do your research, write the blog post and make sure it is engaging to your audience, let alone that it clearly conveys your thoughts and ideas?

Listen, there are far more important things you should be doing. Let me help you by providing regular, ongoing written content to educate your audience in engaging ways while improving your website SEO for your desired search terms and keywords - so you can get out from behind your computer screen and do the work you actually need to be doing. Content copy may include ongoing blog copy, email newsletter copy and more.

Course Copy

ah, the e-course. the all-powerful residual income-producing stream touted by business gurus across the globe.

You have put in the work and you have the knowledge to share, but do you feel overwhelmed about the prospect of actually writing the material for your soon-to-be highly sought after course? Let me take the pressure off and help you by providing professional, engaging copy designed to convey your thoughts and ideas to your students in impactful ways that impart value and inspire trust, while engaging them and keeping them interested throughout the learning process.