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My Motherhood Series: Kendra | Family Photographer Kansas City

My Motherhood Series: Kendra | Family Photographer Kansas City

When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself, and once for her child. -Sophia Loren

Regardless of the way in which we become a mother, one thing is true for us all:

motherhood changes the way we think about life.

Before children, we might have been able to compartmentalize or “file away” certain events, thoughts, and emotions to various pre-defined categories. Effectively depositing the various bits of information into each “labeled” filing cabinet within our minds.

When we step into the role of mother, our mental filing system undergoes a complete and total shift. This new role requires that we take on responsibility for the care and nurturing of another being, or beings. Events and experiences that once only affected us, now affect someone whose very life depends on us. Each choice we make has a direct effect on another human, and their humans after them.

Choices as seemingly insignificant as what time we go to bed, or what we wear, what we eat and whether or not we feel like talking are suddenly decisions that have huge ramifications.

The choices we make, the way we live and the way we think about ourselves is the example after which our little ones will model their own lives.

For the second installment of the “My Motherhood” series, I spent a little time documenting a colorful glimpse into Kendra’s motherhood journey with her three little girls.